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4 days ago

We're unlocking our Gaza discussion with writer and organizer Layla Al-Sheikh, talking about the history of Hamas and Israel, the plausibility of a two-state solution, what people in the West can do to help, whether the Biden administration might think twice about its support for Netanyahu, and more.
Check out Layla's article in Dissent and Jacobin, and you can find the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund here.

Corporate Bullshit PREVIEW - 296

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

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Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

Today we've got political science Professor Neil Kraus on to talk about his book The Fantasy Economy: Neoliberalism, Inequality, and the Education Reform Movement. We discuss how all the promises that increasing educational attainment would cut poverty and inequality failed, how that can actually be accomplished with unions and the welfare state, and how a proper higher education system should work. Enjoy!

Age of Insecurity TEASER - 294

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Today we are speaking with Astra Taylor about her book The Age of Insecurity: Coming Together as Things Fall Apart. Subscribe now to hear the whole thing! 

Who Is Mike Johnson? - 293

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Today after a brief update on the Gaza situation, we are talking about the new dark horse House speaker, and the end of democratic government in North Carolina. Enjoy!

Monday Oct 23, 2023

We are continuing our Gaza discussion with writer and organizer Layla Al-Sheikh. Subscribe to listen to the whole thing!
Check out Layla's article in Dissent and Jacobin, and you can find the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund here.

The War on Gaza - 291

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Today we've got David Klion on to talk about Gaza--what has happened on the ground, the immediate and historical contexts, whether this marks the end of Benjamin Netanyahu's career, and if Israel can learn that the occupation is at the root of its most intractable security problems.
Check out David's article in n+1 here.

Damp Labor Autumn - 290

Monday Oct 02, 2023

Monday Oct 02, 2023

The WGA won their strike against the Hollywood studios, President Biden is on the UAW picket line, Trump is talking with scab parts workers, and New York City was flooded briefly. We talk about it.
Note: we discuss the possibility of replacing Dianne Feinstein at the beginning, before it was known that California Governor Newsom would nominate former labor organizer and Uber lobbyist Laphonza Butler to serve out the remainder of her term. 

Monday Sep 25, 2023

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Friday Sep 15, 2023

Apologies for the radio silence over the last couple weeks, Alexi has been in Greece, Denmark, and Germany, and Ryan has been on a reporting trip in Finland. We just haven't had time to record. But we're back to discuss what Ryan learned about Finland's S Group cooperative retailer and how the broader Finnish society compares with America. Enjoy!


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